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2 days ago

I'm Willie D. Davis, IV, Actor, Author, Artist Speaker soon to be film maker. I have 7 albums to my credit 3 novels, and a load of film and theater projects that I've been blessed and honored to be a
Oct 25

Food for thought.....You wanna confuse your enemies? Start letting them see a peace in you that confuses them as you refuse to entertain their mess. Learn how to tell folks to “Kick Rocks” with a smil
Oct 17

Food for thought.....Knowing that your tomorrow isn’t promised should encourage you to shake off every negative thought, feeling, and person that could keep you from living your best life today. Amen!
Oct 7

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Oct 3

Food for thought.....You’ve been given power and authority to speak prosperity over ever aspect of your life, so get in agreement with God and don’t ever be afraid to call forth every single thing tha
Sep 30

Hey ATL' s Hottest. It's Avery Goode, ATL's Hottest Author checking in. I've been on my grind selling books and getting votes. I love being nominated for the 2nd year in a row and my goal is to walk a
Sep 20

Blessed and grateful to be apart of this community!
Sep 18

Sep 17

Today is a great day to join The ATL’s Hottest Exchange! Some spectacular things are happening at and we want you to be a part of it all! While you’re there, check out ATL’s Hottest Awa
Sep 16

Food for thought.....You just gotta be who God created you to be despite the fact that some people will never see your growth or your potential to become better, simply because they’re still stuck in
3 days ago

I am the hottest fashion empire in Atlanta and all over the country and my resume proves it!
Oct 21

Oct 16

Food for thought.....That atmospheric shift you've been praying for will start to take place in your life when you make up in your mind that I'm not gonna live like this anymore, because this is not m
Oct 3

Food for thought.....Your attitude reflects your maturity, so just because you have a grown up body doesn’t necessarily mean you have a grown up mind. Amen! #MinisterBJ
Oct 3

Hello all I am a author, designer, poet and publisher I enjoy creating and crafty words that both inspire and motivate. I have published 31 books from fictional, poetry to inspirational. My tagline is
Sep 27

Sep 18

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Sep 17

Sep 17

Sep 14

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