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Hi, I’m BreAnn Robinson and I’m a Master  IEP Coach, Advocate & Consultant  who offers IEP advocacy services for all parents that have a child with special needs. Not only do I service special needs children, I also educate, empower and enlighten all families on navigating the school system. I truly believe that advocating for your child can be empowering, educational and enlightening. At first I started advocating because my younger brother was diagnosed with Autism in 2008. But in 2012, I begin advocating at a different level and expertise because my son was also diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and GAD. Advocating is my passion and now I do it not only for my own family, but for other families as well. With a sensitive approach tailored to the needs of the individual, I strive to bring the core values of advocating into my daily life and coaching others.

At Auesome Achievers we are here to educate, empower and enlighten families! Steer families in the right direction to become more engaged and leaders in their IEP meetings and their childs education.


I am a highly energetic ABA therapist that has a passion for working with children that have ASD, ADHD and other developmental delays. I current hold my RBT and BCAT credentials. I am also an Autism Speaks Ambassdor, an ADHD Instructor with CHADD, and a PCA Certified Sports Coach. While pursuing my passion for advocacy, I also work as an RBT Therapist at Spectrum Analytic Consulting and it has been such a blessing to work with a great team. I will be beginning my Master's program in the fall of 2019!!

With several years of working with children that have developmental delays and ASD, I am adept in Autism therapy and ABA techniques. Moreover, while my experience has given me a well-rounded set of skills, I excel at identifying medically-related social and emotional patient needs. conducting outreach, advocacy, and rehabilitative services. Responding quickly to crisis situations and assisting with developing comprehensive treatment plans.

In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a passion for autism care. I am extremely enthusiastic about the research that has been done over the years for understanding Autism. As well as more people in society are becoming aware and accepting.