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Hello everyone, I am Betsy Hollingsworth Owner/Master Stylist at B. Fulton’s Beauty Lounge. Hair is my passion! I thoroughly enjoy standing behind my chair performing quickweaves (Whatweave baby), sew-in, color, and more. The beauty industry is evolving everyday, therefore I make sure my B. Fulton’s babes stay looking relevant and my salon’s atmosphere is conducive to everyone’s needs. I have been a licensed stylist since 2013 but a hair artist all my life. Yes I bootlegged my way up, but I’m legal now and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m proud of my kitchen and garage styling days, because I always wanted to do hair real good and I wanted my

Clients to feel how passionate I was about their hair. Those were the times that set the stage for where God has allowed me to go this day. My late mother Carrie B. Fulton always encouraged me to get a salon and I never thought I was capable. Thanks to Yolanda Kendrick for inviting me to co partner with her at Be’Yond Beautiful Salon of Tucker. Yolanda allowed me to make major changes to her business and after a little over a year I decided to open B . Fulton’s Beauty Lounge. My mother had a chance to get in several hair services before her passing. I named my salon B. Fulton in honor of our family name as her desire for me to be a salon owner is now a reality. I’m proud to be in business a three years September 15, 2019. . C’MON HAIR!!!