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TAAHHA Association New Years Eve Celebration 2018

Greetings TAAHHAA Members if you haven't made plans for New Years Eve, Make Plans To Bring It In With Your family at TAAHHAA The ATL's/America's Hottest HEAT Awards Association! It's time to celebrate all the great things in store in 2018! RSVP to Eat, Drink, Dance, Be Entertained and simply CELEBRATE 2018! Attended The ATL's Hottest Awards? Your PassKey To Receive your Awards Card at the door for 2018 awards benefits, prizes, opportunities and surprises are the words "ATL's Hottest" Hosted By 2017-18 ATL's Voted Hottest Model James Thompson Red Carpet Host Brenda Smith Dubone Appearance By 2017-18 Comedian Tiny Omo Tion Special Guest Host and Appearance by TAAHHAA/PassKeyChoice Comedian Boomarang T Hicks and More! RSVP for your PassKey! 

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