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2017 ATL's Hottest Entertainment Award Winners

Hottest Actor - Darrell Robinson

Hottest Actress - Keesha Rivers

Hottest Author - Kayl May 

Hottest Band - Remote The Band 

Hottest Barber - Janet Maynor 

Hottest Bartender - Teesh McGhee Toppings Pizza 

Hottest Cares - Monei Sutton

Hottest Caribbean Artist - Beme Mystique 

Hottest Comedian - Comedian Tiny

Hottest Comedienne - Janet Dollar Stockdale 

Hottest Comedy Spot - Uptown Comedy 

Hottest Custom Jewelry Designer - LA Pink Alexander 

Hottest Dance Crew -Tear It Up Squad

Hottest DJ - DJ AD Baby

Hottest Drummer - J Fly

Hottest Entertainment Magazine - Sister to Sister 

Hottest Entertainment Management - Mu Legend and Urban Female Entertainment 

Hottest Event Production - Kathy Smith 

Hottest Fashion Designer - Van Miller-Vanessa Henderson 

Hottest Female DJ- DJ Guate

Hottest Female Model - Alex Johnson 

Hottest Female Vocalist - Butta B Rocka 

Hottest Film Production - April Whitaker 

Hottest Food Lounge - Sweet Georgia Juke Joint 

Hottest Hairstylist - Shaquille Butler 

Hottest Hip Hop Female - Jazzy 

Hottest Hip Hop Male - Al Blaze 

Hottest Host - Tina Bridges 

Hottest Inspirational Artist - BJ Bowman

Hottest Live Entertainment Venue - Apache Cafe

Hottest Make Up Artist - Shonette Hill

Hottest Male Model - James Thompson 

Hottest Male Vocalist - Floyd Grant 

Hottest Media Personality - Vince Sims 

Hottest Music Production - Nick Fury 

Hottest Musician- Trey Daniels 

Hottest Online Radio Network - Be100  Radio 

Hottest Online Radio Personality - Saga Boss

Hottest Party Stop - Backstage Lounge 

Hottest Photography- Antoine Duane Jones 

Hottest Playwright - Russell M Tyson

Hottest Promotions Company - Metro Boyz 

Hottest Publicist - Melissa Fox 

Hottest Radio DJ - DJ Hershey 

Hottest Radio Personality - DJ Nabs 

Hottest Rising Superstar Female - Shaquita Smith 

Hottest Rising Superstar Male - Floyd Grant 

Hottest Solo Dancer - Dance Brasil

Hottest Spoken Word - Georgia M.E Tamika Harper 

Hottest Walk Off Model - Runway Diva Shay

Ms ATL's Hottest - Tina Bridges


2017 ATL's Hottest Kids & Rising Star Award Winners

Coming Soon....

2017 ATL's Hottest Kids & Rising Star Award Winners

Coming Soon....

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