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Aug 16, 2022
In Join Us-Introduce Yourself
My name is TK Benson I am a old sckool Atlanta native… North Clayton high school class of 1996…. Yes I’m from the original freaknik era.. I am known from my stage name of the past 17 years (DJ Venom… I have performed at backstage Atlanta a lot as well as Peso’s and Real steel here on da eastside….. I’ve done other showcases as well.. I recently moved back home here 2 year’s ago… Not only am I’m trying to make it and be successful but I have also been trying to take care of my grandmother (only grandparent I have left living) by myself who is turning 95 this November and is battling dementia…. I’ve been struggling but my faith remains high…. As a independent artist who does his own beats writes his own material does his own vocals, mixing and mastering this would be a honor to be nominated under something here in my hometown….


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